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Monday, June 20, 2011

PS3 JailBreak 3.65 Updated - FW 3.60 & 3.61 Compatible

How to Jailbreak PS3

How to Jailbreak PS3 3.65

I will show you how to Jailbreak PS3 3.65. Not only will I guide you through small steps but I will also teach you with a video tutorial for follow the steps so you can jailbreak your PS3 3.65 at firmware 3.65.

Once you learn how to jailbreak ps3 3.65 please do not forget to share with people who needs to know how to do this and remind them to share this site. I hope that everything I can give it at your satisfaction. With no longer wait, let's begin and learn how to jailbreak ps3 3.65.

It is time to show you how to jailbreak PS3 3.65

Before I can teach you how to jailbreak ps3 3.65, let me explain you what is it and what does it do for you. Jailbreak PS3 3.65 is a file manager that will allow game play of homebrew PS3 games and as well for game backup into the system hard drive without the need of having the game disc. Jailbreak ps3 3.65 will bypass the security check using a exploit which occurs with USB devices that allows the execution of certain codes breaking the barrier. So when you learn how to jailbreak PS3 3.65 which is one of the most popular homebrew used, it will allow you to save and then execute any games from your hard drive. Thanks to how to jailbreak PS3 3.65, it can also execute applications that are based to run in a native mode.

There are different ways to learn how to jailbreak PS3 3.65

There are ways where you can learn how to jailbreak PS3 3.65, although these devices will ensure that the PS3 firmware is 3.41 or lower as the version 3.42 patches the flaw on the PS device, but we are looking to learn how to jailbreak PS3 3.65 the most current version nowadays on the firmware 3.65.

<---- Make sure you check it is updated before downloading

Now let me show you how to Jailbreak PS3 3.65 and how can it be used to:


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Total Download til date
1. Download the Launcher Files Holder
2. Download the PSJ Files from the Launcher
3. Next step is to Extract Files into a non-used and/or booted clean USB stick or new in other words
4. Insert the USB into your PS3, Install the update from the stick as you would when updating your system
5. Once its updated, you can now insert any game and backup as many games into you PS3 Hard drive then you can launch them anytime.
Now that you learned how to jailbreak ps3 3.65, it is time for you to have fun!

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